Villa Encantada Pool Construction


After only one week, the shape and form of the pool at Villa Encantada is becoming clearer! From the slides, you’ll see the outline of where the pool will be built. The cinderblock acts as the outer shell and rebar will be added to the bottom for structural support. The a layer of concrete, then plywood, followed by more concrete will form the shell of the pool. During this process, the utilities will be moved in place to allow for the pool’s lighting. The lack of depth is due to the pool and the surrounding land being elevated. This should afford a more dramatic fusion between the infinity edge on the western side and the ocean. The optical illusion we’re going for is to see the pool fade into the Pacific.

From looking at pictures, you’ll see the parking gate will be moved, and that the wall will be rebuilt to a lower profile. The wall will still be tall enough for privacy, but will open up the view to ocean quite a bit.

We’ll keep posting updates and we’re excited by how quickly (and well) the project is going. Get the trunks ready…


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