Villa Encantada Pool Construction Update


From the pictures below, it’s apparent the pool at Villa Encantada is really taking form. The elevation increase is the most striking, and it’s easy to see how guests in the pool will be able to gaze into the Pacific beyond. Facing West toward the ocean, the pool will have an ‘infinity’ edge, so it’ll look like the pool blends into the ocean behind it. Just a little warmer and without the undertow….

The shell still has to be poured, so the depth seen here isn’t as scary as it will be, and there are still many more features to add.(coping, lighting, stools on the Northern side, etc) Tile is being selected, and care is being taken to ensure the ocean color and the pool color don’t clash. It’s quite amazing how quickly this is all coming together and it’s exciting to imagine how striking it will look when finished. Thanks go out to our property manager for taking the pictures!


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