Food Review: El Pollo Polo


We frequently get asked what restaurants offer the most enticing fare in San Pancho. While we’re not professional food reviewers, we do fancy we know what’s good. Running a commercial kitchen in the US certainly helps toward that end, but we’re quick to admit differences in ingredients, location and style make any analysis subjective. So we’re sharing our impressions as we eat our way across town in a series of posts. We would be remiss to mention that we simply can’t get to and eat at every eatery in town. The reviews we make simply scratch the surface of what’s available, and betray our own culinary tastes. We hope you find these posts helpful, and appreciate any feedback. So on to our first review:

Establishment: El Pollo Polo
Location: Upon entering town on the right side of the street
Menu: Slow roasted chicken served with sides of tortillas, peppers, onions, and starches
Cost: Approx $10 USD per chicken meal
Stars: 3.5 out of 5

Impressions: Few things seems as ubiquitous as chicken. When asked what any exotic meat tastes like, the phrase “like chicken”, is uttered most. This single fact has always led me to a deep suspicion of chicken itself. If all tastes “like chicken”, how does one ever really know it’s chicken that’s being eaten? Combine that ambiguity with the processed form chicken takes in the US, and it’s not to difficult to imagine why I tend to eschew chicken for other foods. With all that said, chicken in Mexico is drastically different from chicken in the US. For one thing – it’s orange. Not neon dayglo orange, but certainly not the pale white meat normally seen. It also has a unique flavor that makes it taste, well, like chicken. Real chicken.

I recall early in 2011 when I tasted my first slow roasted Mexican chicken in San Pancho. After being on the planet for over 40 years, I finally understood what chicken tastes like. Fast forward to 2012, when a new storefront serving slow roasted chicken called El Pollo Polo opened. With great excitement, we ordered our meals, paid, and arranged for pickup later in the day. The verdict – the chicken tasted good, but wasn’t crispy on the outside. It’s flavor was excellent, and the value for the price was very good. (the picture above is only 1/2 a chicken!) Overall we like the chicken of the Rotisserie shop a bit better, but after 4 days, that shop hasn’t been open once. If you like chicken, you won’t be disappointed with El Pollo Polo and the owner is both nice, and fluent in English. Please give us your impressions!

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