Final Week of Construction


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Progress on the house continues at a fantastic pace. For once, this update is being written from the house and it’s exciting to actually see the work being done. Being onsite also affords the ability to capture additional detail, and help direct the various small changes. Most of the visually apparent projects are slated to finish Friday, but we couldn’t resist an update before then.

So by way of progress – the pool has been finished and personally tested by both of us. The elevation of the coping combines very well with the infinity edge for a dramatic view of the ocean. The driveway has been poured and the sidewalk outside the house has been rebuilt. Patio furniture has been selected and arrives Wednesday. The BBQ gets purchased Wednesday as well, and the propane line for the grill has already been installed. The pergola and gates go up Friday, and lighting is being installed for all outdoor areas this afternoon.

The less visible upgrades have already been completed. The house has new bedding (from mattress pads to sheets and blankets) and new towels, (including beach towels). The kitchen has also undergone an upgrade, with a new microwave, blender, toaster, and coffee maker. The new appliances compliment new plates, flatware and pots and pans. On the third floor, a weeping wall has been installed to compliment the stunning views. In short – it’s a major overhaul and update of most of the systems of the home.

The pictures show some of the work in progress, and we can’t wait till this weekend’s blog update.

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